Web-based AutoML tool makes AI for IoT easier

April 27, 2020 //By Rich Pell
Web-based AutoML tool makes AI for IoT easier
AI tools provider SensiML has released a new standalone web-based automated machine learning (AutoML) tool designed to make it easier for developers to implement AI for their endpoint IoT applications.

An evolution of the company's Analytics Studio for building optimized embedded sensor algorithms for IoT devices, the new tool - called the SensiML Analytics Studio Notebook - is designed for users without data science expertise. It is web browser based - requiring no need to download or install software locally - and features UI-driven AutoML capability with intuitive controls, allowing users to quickly configure the software, obtain results, tune, and iterate.

"The SensiML Analytics Toolkit was designed to simplify developing AI for IoT applications - making it possible for a single user or small development team to implement a complete AI-based solution for IoT endpoints," says Chris Rogers, SensiML CEO. "The new browser-based Analytics Studio improves the user experience through a sophisticated yet simple to use interface, so building intelligent sensor algorithms is easier than ever."

Featuring new visualization and reporting features, the tool gives users programmatic access to the company's SensiML Cloud and all of its associated functionality for building optimized ultra-compact ML sensor algorithms for consumer, industrial, automotive, and commercial, and agricultural IoT applications. Both versions of Analytics Studio, says the company, will also continue to complement The SensiML Analytics Toolkit Suite, which provides a complete design flow for developers to build intelligent endpoints from start to finish.

The new web-based SensiML Analytics Studio is available now. For data scientists and machine learning experts, SensiML will continue to provide a separate version of the tool with a Python language interface.


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