Voice interface brings natural language understanding to the edge

April 22, 2019 //By Rich Pell
Voice interface brings natural language understanding to the edge
Speech recognition technology company Sensory Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) has announced the first full feature release of its embedded large vocabulary speech recognition platform with natural language understanding aimed at home appliances, IoT, set-top box, and automotive applications.

The TrulyNatural continuous speech recognizer system, says the company, is designed to help companies "move beyond the cloud " to create products capable of natural language interaction without compromising their customers' privacy and without the high memory cost of open source-based solutions. The system provides devices with an extremely intelligent natural language user interface, while keeping voice data private and secure - voice requests never leave the device, nor are they ever stored.

"To benefit from the advantages afforded by cloud-based natural language processing," says Sensory CEO Todd Mozer, "companies have been forced to risk customer privacy by allowing always listening devices to share voice data with the recognition service providers. TrulyNatural does not require any data to leave the device and eliminates the privacy risks associated with sending voice data to the cloud, and as an added benefit it allows product manufacturers to own the customer relationship and experience."

TrulyNatural can provide a natural language voice UI on devices of all shapes and sizes, and can be deployed for domain-specific applications, such as home appliances, vehicle infotainment systems, set top boxes, home automation, industrial and enterprise applications, mobile apps, and more. The system can be as small as under 10 MB in a natural language and large vocabulary setting, but it can also be scaled to support broad-domain applications like virtual assistants and call center chatbots with a virtually unlimited vocabulary.

By categorizing speech into unlimited intents and entities, says the company, the natural language understanding component of the system enables intelligent interpretation of any speech and does not require scripted grammars. TrulyNatural is designed to run completely on an applications processor and does not require an internet connection, as all of the speech processing is done natively (at the edge), not in the cloud.

TrulyNatural currently supports US English, with UK English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish planned for release in 2019

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