Visual inspection AI 'reinvents' manufacturing quality control

June 23, 2021 // By Rich Pell
Visual inspection AI 'reinvents' manufacturing quality control
Google Cloud has announced the launch of a new computer vision platform designed to dramatically reduce defects, recalls, and returns for a broad range of manufacturers.

The platform, Visual Inspection AI , is a purpose-built solution to help manufacturers, consumer packaged goods companies, and other businesses worldwide reduce defects and deliver significant operational savings from the manufacturing and inspection process. It is designed to help address the billions of dollars in cost to manufacturers each year resulting from defects in such products as computer chips, cars, and machinery.

The platform, says the company, was built to meet the needs of quality, test, manufacturing, and process engineers who are experts in their domain, but not in AI. Using Google Cloud's computer vision technology, Visual Inspection AI automates the quality control process, enabling manufacturers to quickly and accurately detect defects before products are shipped.

By identifying defects early in the process, says the company, customers can improve production throughput, increase yields, reduce rework, and reduce return and repair costs. Visual Inspection AI operates across a wide range of industries and use cases, potentially saving manufacturers millions of dollars at each facility.

Based on pilots run by Google Cloud customers, Visual Inspection AI can build accurate models with up to 300 times fewer human-labelled images than general-purpose ML platforms, allowing it to be deployed quickly and easily in any manufacturing setting. In addition, Visual Inspection AI customers improved accuracy in production trials by up to 10x compared with general-purpose ML approaches.

And, says the company, unlike competing solutions that use simple anomaly detection, Visual Inspection AI's deep learning allows customers to train models that detect, classify, and precisely locate multiple defect types in a single image.

"AI has proven to be particularly beneficial in helping to automate the visual quality control process for manufacturers - a particular pain point felt by the industry," says Dominik Wee, Managing Director Manufacturing and Industrial at Google Cloud. "We've been delighted by the strong interest in Visual Inspection AI, and we look forward to supporting more organizations as they continue to find innovative

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