Video processor SoC for battery-powered IoT security, surveillance

January 02, 2020 //By Rich Pell
Video processor for battery-powered IoT security, surveillance
Imaging solutions provider OmniVision Technologies (Santa Clara, CA) has announced a video processor system-on-chip (SoC) that supports high-efficiency video coding (HEVC) compression with what it claims is the lowest power consumption in the industry.

While the HEVC advanced video compression standard reduces storage requirements and enables the streaming of 4K videos over wireless connections, it is computationally intensive and can consume more power. The OA805 video processor , says the company, makes HEVC possible for IoT-enabled home security devices such as battery-powered security cameras and video doorbells for the first time.

"High-end surveillance cameras need video processors that can cope with high-definition 4K resolution video streams." says David Ho, product marketing manager at OmniVision. "However, high resolution video translates into high power consumption, and manufacturers have had to either settle for lower resolution video to conserve power in their battery-powered systems, or to rely on hard-wired solutions."

"With the OA805, this power versus resolution trade-off is eliminated," says Ho. "Its support for both HEVC and H.264 video compression, in combination with the industry’s lowest power consumption and fastest boot-up time, allows designers to incorporate leading-edge performance into products that their customers can quickly and easily install anywhere, so they never miss a thing."

The OA805, says the company, has a boot-up time that is significantly faster than its nearest competitor, eliminating any delay between motion detection and video recording, potentially allowing the camera to instantly alert users of suspicious activities. Within 0.1 seconds (100 ms), the OA805 can go from completely powered off to fully functional.

This also allows the OA805 to boot up only at the moment when motion is detected in the security camera's field of view, thus avoiding the need for a standby or sleep mode. Because the processor consumes no power when it is off, the overall power consumption of the security camera is extremely low and allows the camera to have up to two years of battery life.

The OA805 features dual embedded Arm Cortex-A5 CPU cores with Neon technology for accelerated audio and video encoding/decoding, along with image processing, video encoding hardware, and RGB/IR processing. Its high dynamic

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