USB Device stack provides automatic video support

June 28, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
USB Device stack provides automatic video support
Microcontroller expert Segger GmbH (Monheim, Germany) extends the emUSB device stack with the video class (UVC). An embedded system with USB device interface can be used as video source with this extension. As soon as it is connected to a host (Windows, Mac, Linux or Tablet), it is recognized as a camera. Video content can be generated from a live camera feed, a pre-recorded video, or even dynamically from a graphics library such as Segger's emWin. The ability to use a host as an external display costs no more than the USB port. No drivers are required on the host side.

Typical applications for the new video class include digital still cameras, video cameras, webcams, and any other devices that play video or provide animated video content for illustration or instruction. The video class can also be used for devices that do not have their own display. Common uses include systems that rarely require a display, such as motors or solar inverters, and systems with separate display units, such as washing machines, where the main processor controls the machine and is connected to a host that displays the video on a display.

The video class belongs to the emUSB-Device product line and complements the existing range of available add-ons. emUSB-Device is a USB device stack that has been specially developed for embedded systems. The USB stack runs on any microcontroller and is platform-independent. The flexible USB device stack allows the user to create cross-class devices in which almost any combination of the available USB classes is possible. emUSB-Device provides the application developer with classes for the Media Transfer Protocol, Mass Storage Device, MSD-CDROM, Audio, Video, Human Interface Device, CDC-ACM (serial interfaces), IP-over-USB (CDC-ECM and RNDIS) and printer. By using bulk transfers for a simple and fast communication without protocol overhead, it is also possible to define user-defined communication interfaces. emUSB-Device complies with the USB standard.

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