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September 09, 2020 //By Rich Pell
Universal AI OS brings intelligence to collaborative robots
Factory automation solution provider Qobotix has announced a universal AI operating system (OS) designed to transform collaborative robots (cobots) into intelligent coworkers on the manufacturing floor.
capacity enables robots to be programmed in hours or days rather than weeks. Companies can deploy their robots faster with greater flexibility to perform functions with accelerated human-machine collaboration, enabling humans to take on other roles.

In the wake of COVID-19, says the company, companies are re-examining their reliance on massive repetitive production offshore, and seeking more flexible, localized manufacturing options. Its technology helps companies meet the challenge of becoming better equipped to meet these new conditions and move away from inflexible factory designs and manufacturing processes. With Qobotix, factories can use cobots to more easily switch between projects quickly, produce at a high volume for a shorter time, while keeping workers safe through social distancing.

"Qobotix marks a milestone in the manufacturing and services industries," says Avi Reichental, one of the company's founders. "Qobotix changes the game for manufacturing and services by eliminating time-consuming processes such as programming to significantly lower costs and increase output. This presents a huge opportunity for all manufacturers in their everyday operations."


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