Ultrasonic sensors combine long range with short blind range

March 31, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Ultrasonic sensors combine long range with short blind range
Thanks to their unique sensor element, the U500 and UR18 product family with IO-Link is not only more robust than comparable sensors on the market, but it also takes the requirement for an extremely short blind range with a long range to a new level, promises manufacturer Baumer Group (Frauenfeld, Switzerland).

The blind area that correlates with a high range is often an obstacle when integrating ultrasound sensor into a machine. With the very short blind range available with the new sensors, Baumer breaks the laws of physics. Instead of the physically caused 10-15% blind range of the total range, Baumer achieves a world record of 2%. A blind range of only 20 mm with a range up to 1000 mm is unique on the market.

These product features allow a versatile and flexible application with regard to the object or medium to be detected, installation and environmental conditions. If the user has several applications with different requirements regarding the range and the blind range, he usually has to increase the number of sensor variants, as the common ultrasonic sensors with short blind range are limited in their range. If a large range is required, this in turn is at the expense of the blind range. But not with the U500/UR18 ultrasonic sensors from Baumer. For the user, the variety of variants is reduced to a single sensor, since this sensor completely covers the large range between 20 and 1000 mm. This also simplifies the positioning and design-in of the sensor, thus reducing engineering costs.

In addition, the two sensor families can be parameterized for specific applications via the IO-Link interface. For example, the sound beam width can be quickly and easily adjusted depending on the container opening and filling medium. The sensors generate added value through the additional diagnostic and process data. As a result, system effectiveness can be increased and processes can be optimised sustainably.

Further information: www.baumer.com/ultrasonic-distance-robust

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