Ultra compact infrared LED enables gesture control in the car interior

May 15, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Ultra compact infrared LED enables gesture control in the car interior
With the spread of modern driver assistance systems, technologies previously known from mobile applications, such as face recognition, eye-tracking or gesture control, are increasingly finding their way into the automotive sector. These technologies are based on infrared light. Osram now offers the Oslon Piccolo, a particularly compact infrared LED (IRED).

Using gesture recognition, the human-machine interface of a vehicle system registers when the driver moves his hand towards the display - in other words, when an interaction is about to take place - and displays the relevant menu items for the user. Otherwise, the elements of the user interface remain hidden in favor of the larger display area. This detection is carried out using infrared light.

The benefits of a compact design pay off particularly well when combined with the use of the displays in the vehicle interior. The new Oslon Piccolo is characterized by a particularly small form factor: With dimensions of only 1.6 mm x 1.6 mm and a housing height of only 0.81 mm, the IRED can be installed particularly easily and without requiring a lot of space, the manufacturer argues. With a DC output of 1.15 W at 1 A and very fast switching times of 10 ns, the component is suitable both as a constant light source for a camera-based application and for 3D image capture with modulated or rapidly pulsed light. The AEC-Q102 Automotive qualified component (AEC-Q102) is available in two different wavelengths: 850 nm (SFH 4170S A01) and 940 nm (SFH 4180S A01).

More information: https://www.osram.com/os/contact/index.jsp

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