Turnkey full-stack AI solution for Edge-AI vision

November 26, 2020 //By Rich Pell
Turnkey full-stack AI solution for Edge-AI vision
AI accelerator developer Gyrfalcon Technology has announced a new full-stack solution for AI development aimed at small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that delivers chip-level optimization solutions for realizing deep neural network development on edge devices.

Powered by the company's high-performing accelerator chips, the AI-X full-stack solution, says the company, benefits SMEs by accelerating AI product turnaround time, maximizing on-chip resource utilization, minimizing CPU runtime, boosting performance efficiency, and reducing power consumption by leveraging GTI Networks (GNet) and holistic HW-SW optimization. It is suited for applications including edge-AI vision devices, consumer electronics, AI-camera sensors, and automotive.

"For smart devices - such as IoTs, smartphones, autonomous vehicles and many other platforms and end-point devices - to reach their maximum potential edge AI co-processing is imperative," says Dr. Manouchehr Rafie, Vice President of Advanced Technologies at Gyrfalcon. "AI-X combines an end-to-end HW and SW solution for quickly deploying your data, tasks, AI custom model, algorithm design and chip implementation challenges on the AI devices equipped with the GTI high-performing chips. These AI edge devices benefit from the AI-X higher performance, improved privacy, reduced bandwidth and latency, less CPU computational load, efficient energy use and less BOM cost."

Benefits of AI-X, says the company, include the following:

  • Vision-based solution for AI chip design challenges
  • Customized model conversion (MDK)
  • Minimizing CPU utilization/runtime (Over 3x CPU Saving)
  • Maximizing on-chip resource utilization (>90%)
  • Enhanced performance efficiency (by 5x)
  • Reduced latency during inferencing
  • Chip-level optimization & model pruning
  • Quantization-aware training
  • Per-layer quantization and parameter optimization

For more, see the AI-X product brochure .

Gyrfalcon Technology

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