Truck tires become part of the IoT

March 23, 2018 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Truck tires become part of the IoT
In a joint effort, automotive supplier Continental and mobile network provider Vodafone increase the safety level on county roads and highways: A digital data platform and smart tires are the ingredients of a system that ensures a higher safety level on the roads, especially for commercial vehicles: By monitoring critical tire parameters such as pressure and temperature via mobile radio and the ContinConnect platform, trucks and buses transmit tire temperature and pressure data to a central web portal. Fleet managers can monitor the data of all emergency vehicles at any time.

When the tire values reach a critical level, the system automatically sends an alarm to defined receivers, for example to the control center and the driver. If necessary, the platform then automatically offers corrective measures. ContiConnect thus prevents expensive punctures in commercial vehicles. It also helps to optimize the operating times of commercial vehicles. Vodafone's mobile network transmits data almost instantaneously around the world. The service is now available in the first markets and will in future operate across Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Australia.

ContiConnect will enable operators of commercial fleets, such as freight forwarders, bus or construction companies, more transparency in fleet management and digital monitoring of tires in real time. "The data enable fleet managers to achieve higher operating times and lower maintenance costs as well as save fuel," explains Michael Neuheisel, Head of Digital Solutions in the Continental Commercial Vehicle Tires Business Unit.

The data streams of the IoT solution enables fleet managers to better plan tire changes and commission maintenance in a targeted manner in the future. This extends the mileage of the tires and thus their durability. By monitoring the tire pressure, the system also protects the environment, because driving at optimum tire pressure can save fuel and thus reduce the CO2 emissions of commercial vehicles. If a tire is driven with a filling pressure of only 80%, around 0.9 liters more is consumed per 100 kilometers of fuel. This corresponds to an additional fuel consumption of 1,080 liters per tire over a distance of 120,000 kilometers per year.

Since the information is sent by the system to the driver and fleet manager by SMS or e-mail, the driver does not need a tire pressure display in the cockpit. And thanks to the worldwide mobile network, fleet managers are informed about all data in real time, no matter where the vehicle is located. The system is already on the market in the

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