Top 8 data analytics trends for 2021

December 03, 2020 //By Rich Pell
Top 8 data analytics trends for 2021
Following a year of unpredictability, experts from advanced analytics company SAS weigh in with their predictions on the top data analytics trends to expect in 2021.

In the wake of the innovation and digital transformation occurring globally following the coronavirus pandemic, says the company, eight of its most forward-thinking experts offer their insights into how using analytics will transform data into decisions that improve lives and results:

  1. Reconfiguring the cloud for analytics - "Originally the cloud was built for transactional systems," says Tom Fisher, Senior Vice President of Business Development, SAS. "It wasn't built for analytics. Analytics requires a lot more memory than a traditional application – and faster networks to get to data that is not in memory – in order to make analytics work in real time. Those are things cloud providers didn't think about because initial applications in the cloud were transactional."
  2. Decision makers start to trust AI - "The more visibility that decision makers have into AI results, the more confidence they have in the decisions that are being made by the models," says João Oliveira, Business Solutions Manager, SAS. "Adding human oversight and explaining the models at each step in a decision process will start to bring acceptance to AI and automated decisioning."
  3. Smart towns catch up to smart cities - "As city dwellers flee the city, they expect the same levels of service in the country, including fast broadband, food delivery, and digital interaction with government agencies and civic planners," says Shaun Barry, Senior Manager, Global Security Practice, SAS. "Small towns are catching up with cities using analytics. Now that where you work no longer matters, smaller cities have an opportunity to attract and recruit people to relocate using analytics, driving population growth that was previously unattainable."
  4. The year of the vaccine - "If 2020 was the year of COVID, 2021 will be the year of the vaccine," says Greg Horne, Global Principal for Health Care, SAS. "Which vaccine will be approved first? Which will get distributed around the globe? Will we rely on multiple vaccines to improve distribution and

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