Top 5 Maxim Integrated customer design testimonials of 2019

December 31, 2019 //By Rich Pell
Top 5 customer design testimonials of 2019 from Maxim Integrated
Maxim Integrated (San Jose, CA) has announced its five most popular customer testimonials of 2019.

The testimonials, says the company, can help designers understand how other design engineers solved common challenges and met their design goals. The testimonials highlight companies designing solutions for a variety of end markets, including healthcare, industrial, and the internet of things (IoT).

This year's five most popular testimonials include applications ranging from agtech and wearables to seismic recording and smart guitars:

  • Equine SmartBits develops smart sensor-based technology that measures a horse's biometrics through its mouth. By providing real-time vital sign monitoring and analytics on parameters such as temperature, heart rate, and blood-oxygen saturation, the company's solution can transform horse training and improve equine health and performance. Read Equine SmartBits' story to learn how Equine SmartBits met its requirements for highly accurate, continuous biometric monitoring from bridle bits — and saved several weeks in algorithm development time.
  • ROJ and Mares teamed up to create a function-rich, wrist-worn diving computer. To be successful, their Genius computer had to provide rich functions, high performance, and long battery life. Read ROJ and Mares story to understand how these companies met stringent power, performance, noise immunity, and size requirements while also saving a year in their design cycle and reducing their bill of materials (BOM).
  • Zivix aims to inspire, educate, and empower musicians by making it easier to learn how to play an instrument and create music. Its electronic instruments include its Jamstik battery-powered, MIDI-capable electric guitar. Read Zivix' story to learn how Zivix met its requirements for long battery life and accurate battery state-of-charge (SOC).
  • Geophysical Technology Inc. designs autonomous seismic recording technology. Its compact autonomous nodes must deliver high-fidelity seismic signal recordings. Read Geophysical Technology's story to learn how Geophysical Technology gained a 10dB improvement in instantaneous dynamic range while lowering the power consumption of its nodes.
  • Radio Bridge designs flexible, long-range wireless IoT sensors for home security, smart city, medical device, and industrial automation applications. Read Radio Bridge's story to learn how

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