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February 20, 2019 //By Peter Clarke
Tiny MEMS sensor frees space in hearables
Nanusens Ltd. has developed a MEMS sensor in CMOS for tap detection use in ear buds that it claims can be up to ten times smaller than conventional MEMS sensors and thereby free up space for larger batteries.

"We are in a unique position of being able to provide more space inside earbuds for designers to use as they wish with our nano-sensors. While some manufacturers want more battery life by using a larger battery or a supercapacitor, others want to use some of this freed-up space for features such as memory so that songs can be stored locally on the earbud. This is another way to extend the battery life as songs would not need to streamed over Bluetooth, again giving longer audio on the go."

"We have started discussions with the leading players in the value chain to make them aware of our innovative technology so that they can start the design-in process," added Montanyà.

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