Tiny contactless current sensor features minimum power loss

December 21, 2018 //By Ally Winning
Tiny contactless current sensor features minimum power loss
ROHM has introduced what the company claims is the industry’s smallest contactless current sensor which has minimum power loss in an ultra-compact size, suiting it for industrial equipment and consumer devices that detect operating conditions via current, including battery-driven drones, solar power systems, and servers in data centers requiring high power.

The BM14270MUV-LB uses a high sensitivity low current MI element that allows for completely contactless current detection. It combines ROHM’s semiconductor production and sensor control technologies with Aichi Steel’s MI (Magneto-Impedance) element.

The resulting contactless current sensor eliminates the need to draw current within the sensor to measure it. The sensor itself only consumes 0.07mA current and comes in a 3.5 x 3.5 mm package.

A disturbance magnetic field cancellation function protects against noise, making shielding unnecessary. The digital output from the built-in A/D converter reduces MCU load, facilitating easy current monitoring.


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