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June 29, 2020 //By Rich Pell
Thin sensing film makes smartwatch a biochemical monitoring system
Engineers at UCLA say they have designed a thin electrochemical sensing adhesive film that could upgrade a consumer smartwatch into a powerful health monitoring system.
on the study. "In this way, not only have we made it easier to integrate sensors with consumer electronics, but we've also eliminated the effect of a user's motion that can interfere with the chemical data collection."

The researchers say they tested the film on someone who was sedentary, someone doing office work, and people engaged in vigorous activity, such as boxing, and found the system was effective in a wide variety of scenarios. The stickiness of the film was sufficient for it to stay on the skin and on the watch without the need for a wrist strap for an entire day.

While the researchers designed a custom smartwatch and app to work with the system, they say the concept could someday be applied to popular models of smartwatches.

"We are particularly excited about our technology because by transforming our smartwatches and wearable tech into biomonitoring platforms, we could capture multidimensional, longitudinal and physiologically relevant datasets at an unprecedented scale, basically across hundreds of millions of people," says Emaminejad. "This thin sensing film that works with a watch shows such a path forward."

For more, see " A wearable freestanding electrochemical sensing system ."

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