Storage platform efficiently manages video surveillance data

April 10, 2019 //By Rich Pell
Storage platform efficiently manages video surveillance data
Data storage technology provider Quantum Corp. (San Jose, CA) has introduced a flexible storage platform designed for surveillance and industrial IoT applications.

The Quantum VS-Series storage platform runs security infrastructure on one cloud-like platform, enabling security professionals to efficiently record and store surveillance footage and run an entire security infrastructure on a single platform. It is available in a broad range of server choices, suitable for deployments with fewer than ten cameras up to the largest environments with thousands of cameras.

The VS-Series architecture is based on the Quantum Cloud Storage Platform (CSP), a new software-defined storage platform specifically designed for storing machine and sensor-generated data. Like storage technologies used in the cloud, the Quantum CSP is software-defined, can be deployed on bare metal, as a virtual machine, or as part of a hyperconverged infrastructure.

Unlike other software-defined storage technologies, says the company, the Quantum CSP was designed specifically for video and other forms of high-resolution content - engineered for extremely low latency, maximizing the streaming performance of large files to storage. The Quantum Cloud Storage Platform enables high-speed video recording with optimal camera density and can host and run certified VMS management applications, recording servers, and other building control servers on a single platform.

"As we worked with partners to design a platform for surveillance, we knew that streaming performance and camera density would be critical, as well as hyperconvergence both for efficiency and to consolidate the security infrastructure," says Jamie Lerner, President and CEO, Quantum. "I'm pleased that we were able to bring this VS-Series to market so quickly – it demonstrates both the software-defined nature of the Quantum Cloud Storage Platform and how we can take our years of expertise working in movie and TV production and construct a platform with leading performance for the surveillance industry."

The VS-Series product line is being offered in a variety of deployment options, including software-only, mini-tower, 1U, 2U, and 4U hyperconverged servers. The first products in the VS-Series to launch are the VST10x mini-tower appliances, and the VS2112 and VS2124 2U servers,

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