Sony unveils wearable 'air conditioner'

July 30, 2019 //By Rich Pell
Sony unveils wearable 'air conditioner'
Sony is crowdfunding a wearable "air conditioner" that slips into the back of a shirt to lower the user's body temperature.

Using thermoelectric cooling, the wallet-sized Reon Pocket is being launched via the company's First Flight platform for crowdfunding and e-commerce. The battery-powered device weighs about three ounces and uses the Peltier effect to produce heat or cooling via electrical currents.

When placed at the base of one's neck in the pocket of a special t-shirt worn by the user, the device is reportedly capable of lowering a wearer's temperature by 23 degrees Fahrenheit or raising it by 14 degrees. The Reon Pocket is controllable via Bluetooth enabling users to adjust the temperature settings via a smartphone.

The crowdfunding campaign has already exceeded its goal of about $600,000. The Reon Pocket is expected to be available starting in March 2020 in Japan and will be priced starting at around $110 for a "Lite" manually controlled version and about $130 for the full version..

Reon Pocket

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