Sony robotic dog software update opens device to customization

November 18, 2019 //By Rich Pell
Sony robotic dog software update opens device to customization
Sony Electronics (San Diego, CA) has announced an extensive software update for its autonomous robotic puppy companion, aibo, that allows for further customization and feature enhancements.

The software update, Version 2.50 for the ERS1000 aibo model, opens the device to developer customization and feature enhancements. Both U.S. and Japanese aibo owners, says the company, now have access to exciting new programmable resources with the update, as well as several new whimsical capabilities, such as the ability to virtually feed aibo cookies.

"As a longtime innovator and leader in the companion robot space, Sony is committed to working towards ongoing advancements and enhancements in A.I. and robotics technologies," says Michiko Araki Kelley, vice president, New Business and Corporate Marketing Group, Sony Electronics North America. "Software updates like Version 2.50 help to improve the aibo user experience, and also continue to help lead the A.I. and robotics conversation into the future."

The Version 2.50 software update introduces a new aibo Web-based application programming interface (API), which provides owners access to both the " aibo Developer Program " for more seasoned developers and the " aibo Visual Programming " for beginner programmers. Provided free of charge, the Web-based API allows owners to program aibo's actions, although not its emotions, character, or moods.

With the aibo Developer Program, the company says it is looking to developers to continue building on aibo's abilities and create greater possibilities for aibo in the future. It is a licensing program accessible to any aibo owner with the desire to create new applications, traits, and experiences for aibo.

Developers can utilize the program to create services and applications that can be linked with aibo. The mechanism of this API is the same as a general REST API, and it can be implemented in almost any system with an Internet environment.

The easy-to-use aibo Visual Programming tool allows owners to create original movements and tricks for aibo using a drag and drop block coding user interface for beginners. By encouraging programming and development through the Web API, the company says it aims to expand and promote

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