Smartphone screen protector displays glasses-free 3D

March 04, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Smartphone screen protector displays glasses-free 3D
Display manufacturer Holitech Technology has partnered with AI vision startup Lucid to introduce a screen protector which turns any smartphone into a glasses-free 3D display. Lucid’s AI algorithms also allow the capture and creation of 3D content through an app.

“While the 3D and VR/AR industry were struggling with the burden of wearing glasses and headsets as well as the lack of content, there is now this new wave of high-end smartphones coming which makes immersive content consumption and creation as simple as ever,” explains Han Jin, CEO/Co-founder at Lucid. “Such simple solutions as the screen protector are essential to create a bridge between the state the industry is in right now to where 3D and VR/AR are going. It completely removes the friction for consumers.”

At the cost of a regular screen protector, the thin transparent film, called Holoscreen will enable mid-tier smartphones with 3D capture capabilities by incorporating Lucid’s newest software solution, Andromeda.

"After launching on top-tier devices last year, we kept innovating to create a lighter version of our 3D Fusion Technology to penetrate the market. Andromeda will not meet some of the requirements of high-end cinematic 3D content devices, but it was a perfect match to Holitech’s simple screen protector solution as it consumes less battery and runs on lower-processing chips,” explained Sheldon Fernandes, Head of Computer Vision at Lucid.

The Holoscreen does not alter the current smartphone 2D screen. However, when the accompanying app is opened, you can take your own 3D pictures and videos instantly, as well as watch movies which are remarkably crisp and clear--without any glasses or headsets--giving you the feeling of objects coming out of the screen towards you. The app and screen protector will be available in the second half of the year, costing around $30.

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