Smart toothbrush detects biofilm buildup to improve oral health

January 06, 2020 //By Rich Pell
Smart toothbrush detects biofilm buildup to improve oral health
Consumer household, health care, and personal care products company Colgate-Palmolive (New York, NY) has introduced what it says is a first-of-its-kind smart toothbrush with new optic sensor technology that detects biofilm buildup in the mouth so that it can be removed while brushing.

The Colgate Plaqless Pro smart electric toothbrush, says the company, aims to revolutionize oral care by providing precise information in real time that is specific to each mouth and the distinct brushing technique of every individual. The toothbrush will be the first commercially available electric toothbrush that detects biofilm buildup and coaches in real time for more complete brushing.

"In the dentist's office, we're beginning to see a shift toward precision oral care that tailors treatment to each patient's specific needs," says Dr. Maria Ryan, Colgate's Chief Dental Officer. "The Colgate Plaqless Pro smart electric toothbrush is inspired by that shift, and improves brushing efficacy by accounting for an individual's brushing technique and the biofilm buildup in their mouth. And by immediately alerting the user when an area is clean, Plaqless Pro coaches them to brush better."

The Plaqless Pro smart electric toothbrush enables users to see when they need to brush longer in one area of their mouth or when all the biofilm buildup has been removed. Using a light ring around the toothbrush the user will see a blue light when buildup has been found, and then the white light appears to tell the user to move on.

The brush pairs to the Colgate Connect App via Bluetooth to give each user a precise, personalized brushing experience. The sensors embedded in the toothbrush handle create a comprehensive map of the user's mouth, enabling users to consult the app to see exactly where they brushed their teeth, where they missed a spot, and if an area brushed is truly clean. The app also provides instant brushing feedback, personalized data, coaching and oral care tips.

"We're excited to introduce this breakthrough technology with sensors that can see through foamy toothpaste to provide information that helps people take stronger ownership of their oral health," says Patricia Verduin, Chief Technology Officer for Colgate-Palmolive. "Our new Plaqless Pro delivers the superior cleaning of

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