Smart shopping carts let customers skip checkout

January 11, 2019 //By Rich Pell
Smart shopping carts let customers skip checkout
Smart shopping cart startup Caper (Brooklyn, NY) has announced that it is rolling out AI-powered shopping carts that automatically tally items placed in the cart and then let customers pay on the cart.

Founded in 2017, the company is focused on compacting Amazon Go technology - image recognition, sensor fusion, and artificial intelligence - into a smart shopping cart that can be used by traditional grocery stores without requiring major operational and infrastructural change. The Caper cart allows shoppers to simply toss items into it, at which point built-in sensors identify the items and tally a virtual basket.

The cart also helps shoppers discover in-store deals with its interactive screen. Once done shopping, customers can conveniently pay on the cart and leave the store.

For the store itself, says the company, the AI-powered shopping cart is a plug-and-play solution, requiring no installation or operational restructuring. Store owners can put Caper carts in their stores and enable an automated checkout experience that complements their existing business.

The new Caper carts are currently live in two grocery chains, and the company has plans to roll out to 150 more this year. Meanwhile, the company is leveraging data from the currently deployed version of its cart - which requires barcode scanning of each item on the cart - and using the captured item images and scanned item barcodes to help train its deep learning algorithm and enable the scanless drop-and-go experience.

To date, the company has raised about $3.5 million from First Round Capital, Y Combinator, and a number of notable angels in the grocery industry such as Nick Taranto (Cofounder of Plated) and Max Mullen (Cofounder of Instacart).


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