Smart luggage self charges with power generating wheels

August 08, 2018 // By Nick Flaherty
A team of engineers has developed smart luggage that uses the motion of its wheels to charge its battery. The power can also be used to charge a mobile phone on the move.

The team from Ebolt in Portland, Oregon, are raising money on Kickstarter for the luggage, which overcomes previous problems other smart luggage startups faced by having a 5000mAh (18.5 Wh) battery that can be removed when it goes in the hold of an aircraft. It also doesn't have the Bluetooth wireless tracking capability of other smart luggage designs that led to worries about interference.  

The built-in 'KineTech Wheels' on the ebolt give the removable battery pack a constant recharge as they spin, actively charging a phone while the luggage rolls along. At walking speed, the luggage charges about 20% of the battery within 15 minutes.

The company was set up by Romanians Marius Strizu and Gennes Curescu and the Kickstarter campaign is at

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