Smart lighting system personalizes natural daylight indoors

March 29, 2021 // By Rich Pell
Smart lighting system personalizes natural daylight indoors
Sweden-based lighting technology company BrainLit has introduced to the U.S. market a lighting technology that it claims is scientifically proven to enhance the minds, well-being, and physical performance of people.

The company's BioCentric Lighting technology is offered as the world's first lighting system that can learn from and respond to an individual's unique biology. The technology is designed to better the lighting environments in healthcare, education, hospitality, industrial, office and sports facilities.

BioCentric Lighting, says the company, is a smart lighting system based on the latest scientific knowledge of human anatomy and individuals' personal response to light. It is a self-learning system that integrates LED luminaires, sensors, Internet of Things (IoT) controls, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing to simulate the biological benefits of the sun. The technology is designed to help synchronize the body's circadian rhythm, resulting in better sleep, immune response, alertness, mood, and other biological improvements.

The system, says the company, transcends "human-centric lighting" products by its ability to produce optimal, personalized lighting effects based on the specific needs and situations of an individual or group (such as athletes, Alzheimer's patients, or night-shift workers). BrainLit can finely tune lighting attributes such as intensity, color spectra, wavelength, direction, and duration.

Using wearables, sensors, and optionally genomic data, the system's algorithms can gather data from a user's physiological indicators – including sleep patterns and physical activity – to generate and adapt light recipes to match individual needs. Users can access these light recipes on their smart devices any place where BrainLit BioCentric Lighting exists and instantly recreate their personal light environment.

The BioCentric Lighting system is a modular and flexible ecosystem available in three platforms:

  • BrainLit ALVEN – A personal BCL solution that delivers all the benefits and features of BrainLit's integrated network solutions but in a free-standing form. The free-standing solution can deliver personal, simulated natural daylight to the user who has "checked into" the system with the BrainLit app.
  • BrainLit ELVEN – An IoT-based enterprise BCL system that uzes a combination of luminaires and sensors networked across a building environment to deliver simulated natural daylight which supports health and well-being.
  • BrainLit UVEN – A disinfection system that kills any known pathogen in record time using radiant ultraviolet (UV) light spectrum. UV disinfection is an important weapon in the fight against COVID and other infectious threats. BrainLit UVEN combines BCL light control with UVC disinfection to simultaneously promote health and well-being while also helping eliminate viruses in the same space.

"Science shows that light affects human physiology in profound ways," says BrainLit founder Wingren. "With it, we can influence mood, improve sleep and alleviate depression. But light also has a direct alerting effect and can boost productivity, learning, and mental acuity. With more people spending time indoors we created BioCentric Lighting to enable a world where everyone can have the positive aspects of daylight and spend their days, even indoors, at their optimum potential."


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