'Smart' fasteners simplify ID, documentation at construction sites

February 06, 2020 //By Rich Pell
'Smart' fasteners simplify ID, documentation at construction sites
Construction products and services provider Hilti has launched connected "smart" fasteners, enabling unique identification and digital documentation on the jobsite.

Designed to address the challenges associated with documenting every anchor, screw, and bolt installed by hand at a construction site, the company's Tracefast technology is offered as providing specifiers and contractors with an easy-to-use, more productive solution. A data matrix code (DMC) printed on every fastener makes every fastener uniquely identifiable and traceable.

The DMC contains all relevant information: instructions for use, approvals, technical data. The 25-digit ID even contains the batch and item number so the fastener can be traced back to its manufacturing origin.

Users can use the Hilti Connect App to scan the code with their smart phone and view installed fastener details. Tracefast, says the company, leverages IoT and provides a new level of control and digital access to relevant setting instructions, training, and inspection documents and certifications.

"As IoT transforms the construction industry, our product portfolio will continue to expand and shape possibilities for broader applications and services," says Muthu Manohar, Senior Director of Fastening & Protection at Hilti North America. "Connected anchors is another expansion of that value that only Hilti is positioned to provide."

"The anchor identification that we bring to the market now paves the way for increasing jobsite productivity across the application chain, helps provide traceability from design and ordering to installation, and eventually 'smarter' products," says Manohar. "Such technology is useful with the increasing trend of inspections on safety critical applications."

For more, see the company's traceable fasteners page.


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