Simulation models helping to 'transform' aeronautical propulsion

October 16, 2019 //By Rich Pell
Simulation models helping to 'transform' aeronautical propulsion
Engineering simulation software provider ANSYS (Canonsburg, PA) has announced that regenerative turbine engine technology startup TURBOTECH (Toussus-le-noble, Ile-de-France, France) is leveraging ANSYS' physics-based simulation models to deliver the next generation of turbomachinery.

Through the ANSYS Startup Program , which offers full access to simulation software bundles that are built and priced to help entrepreneurs grow their business quickly and cost-effectively, TURBOTECH is developing an energy storage system designed to be capable of powering the hybrid-electric aircraft of the future.

"Developing a turbine is a very complex and iterative process." says Damien Fauvet, CEO at TURBOTECH. "ANSYS simulation solutions enable us to solve complex calculations for turbines and compressors, replace physical prototypes with virtual prototypes, and enhance design exploration. By 2020, our patented technology will have initiated a revolution in aeronautical propulsion, targeting new markets and opportunities for electrification and autonomy."

The company says it uses ANSYS fluids solutions to develop regenerative cycle turbogenerators based on small turbines that recover energy from exhaust gases to reduce fuel consumption. By recharging batteries in-flight, the turbogenerators can improve the endurance of electric aircrafts by 10 times - enabling significant weight and cost savings - and can produce electricity from virtually any type of renewable flammable material, including bio-fuel, bio-gas, hydrogen, and conventional fuels.

Paolo Colombo, industry director, aerospace and defense at ANSYS says, "The global microturbines market is projected to reach $420 million by 2025. TURBOTECH's vision for the future of hybrid-electric propulsion systems will transform that market and disrupt the aerospace industry. As part of the ANSYS Startup Program, TURBOTECH will deliver the next generation of engines with less noise, lower environmental impact and greater flight endurance."

Since inception, says the company, the ANSYS Startup Program has worked with over 740 startups, more than 170 in the aerospace and defense industry.


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