Simple 'smart' glass recognizes images: Page 2 of 2

July 11, 2019 //By Rich Pell
Simple 'smart' glass recognizes images
Engineers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison have developed a method to create pieces of "smart" glass that can recognize images without requiring any sensors or circuits or power sources.
inexpensive to fabricate.

“We could potentially use the glass as a biometric lock, tuned to recognize only one person’s face” says Yu. “Once built, it would last forever without needing power or internet, meaning it could keep something safe for you even after thousands of years.”

In addition, say the researchers, it works at literally the speed of light because the glass distinguishes among different images by distorting light waves.

Looking ahead, the researchers plan to determine if their approach works for more complex tasks, such as facial recognition. For more, see " Nanophotonic media for artificial neural inference ."

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