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May 05, 2017 //By Peter Clarke
SiFive launches commercial RISC-V processor cores
Startup SiFive Inc. (San Francisco, Calif.) has announced the availability of Coreplex RISC-V processor intellectual property for license and for a price that can exceed $500,000 per project.

"As an engineer, trying to get information from your average IP vendor is an exercise in futility," said Yunsup Lee, CTO and co-founder of SiFive, in a statement. "The countless number of NDAs, partial answers and sales meetings you must agree to just to get basic evaluation material makes it feel like they don’t want your business. It's unbelievable how far behind the industry is compared to the ease in which SaaS [software as a service] companies provide their products. When we founded SiFive, we wanted to change that. Through our 'study-evaluate-buy' model, we’ve made Coreplex IP licensing as easy as buying a subscription to any modern software service."

There is also a developing ecosystem of support around RISC-V (see Mixed foursome offers RISC-V development support). The RISC-V Foundation includes Google, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Microsoft, IBM, Qualcomm, Nvidia, Samsung and Microsemi as members. SiFive maintains a chain of development tools, SDK and BSPs with binaries of the latest open source tools, including OpenOCD, GNU Debugger, Arduino IDE, and the Eclipse integrated development environment.

SiFive was founded by RISC-V inventors Yunsup Lee, Andrew Waterman and Krste Asanovic,

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