Siemens, EDAG to jointly ready 3D printing for series production

April 04, 2019 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Siemens, EDAG to jointly ready 3D printing for series production
Additive manufacturing is facing widespread use in the automotive industry. In order to play a leading role, Siemens is intensifying its cooperation with EDAG, an independent engineering company that is active worldwide for the automotive industry. The common goal is to further advance the industrial applications of additive manufacturing and make production processes more efficient.

Siemens and EDAG have developed an intelligent modular system called NextGeneration Spaceframe 2.0 in order to come closer to this goal of more efficient processes in engineering and production. It consists of a combination of bionically designed and additive-manufactured nodes and high-strength, energy-absorbing aluminum strand profiles for 3D printing, as the additive manufacturing process is also called. The concept offers an extremely flexible production in order to be able to represent the increasing number of vehicle derivatives from an economic point of view.

The cooperation has now been extended by a continuous digital engineering process chain for AM up to the realization of a use case. The project result, which will be presented at the Hanover Fair, was developed under EDAG leadership and Siemens together with Constellium, Fraunhofer IAPT, Concept Laser and BLM. A flexibly producible lightweight aluminium structure "NextGenSpaceframe 2.0" will be shown as an automotive "use case" for Siemens.

The NextGenSpaceframe 2.0 is intended to enable customers to achieve a shorter time-to-market for additively manufactured prototype and small series components through a digital engineering process chain. The focus is on parts for the automotive industry.

Calculations and real-world tests have shown that the crash areas can absorb the crash energy as predicted and that the AM node does not fail structurally. Process optimisation and targeted minimisation of the support structure have made it possible to reduce costs.

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