Sensor signal conditioner for smart capacitive sensor applications

November 25, 2019 //By Rich Pell
Sensor signal conditioner for smart capacitive sensor applications
Integrated Device Technology (San Jose, CA) has introduced a new energy efficient and highly precise 18-bit sensor signal conditioner for capacitive sensor applications that are increasingly smart, battery-powered, and IoT connected.

The ZSSC3230 low-power high-resolution capacitive sensor signal conditioner is offered as combining best-in-class signal conditioning, low power consumption, and small size. The ZSSC3230, says the company, is ideal for use with humidity, pressure, level and other smart capacitive sensor modules that are included in a variety of consumer, medical, and industrial applications, such as HVAC systems, weather stations, smart meters, and automated smart building systems.

"Our new ZSSC3230 sensor signal conditioner," says Uwe Guenther, general manager of IDT's industrial group, "combines exceptional accuracy, low power, and small size, giving product designers an ideal solution for a new generation of intelligent, sensor-based devices for home automation, smart building, and smart city applications."

The device's high analog-to-digital conversion resolution – up to 18-bit – is a critical requirement for the latest generations of sensor-based devices that are increasingly smart and connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), the company says. In addition, its power consumption is as little as 1.3 µA at one sample per second - ideal for battery-powered applications that are deployed where electrical power is unavailable - helping to maximize battery life and extend the time between battery replacements.

In addition, says the company, the device's capacitive input span and offset can be easily configured, allowing the ZSSC3230 to support a broad range of sensors with different characteristics. Samples of the device are available now.

Integrated Device Technology

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