ON Semi, 3M collaborate to improve roadway safety

January 22, 2019 // By Rich Pell
ON Semi, 3M collaborate to improve roadway safety
ON Semiconductor (Phoenix, AZ) and 3M (Maplewood, MN) have announced a collaboration to improve communication between vehicles and roadway infrastructure.

Together, say the companies, they combine decades of image sensing technology and roadway safety experience, which they plan to use to help improve navigation for vehicles equipped with automated driving features. At CES, the companies displayed a solution integrating ON Semiconductor's AR0234AT CMOS image sensor with 3M's next-generation digitally-enabled Smart Code sign technology, part of the conglomerate's Connected Roads program.

Through this collaboration, say the companies, they anticipate accelerated progress toward the next generation of infrastructure solutions to facilitate advancement in connected and automated vehicle technology.

"Our image sensors are the 'eyes' of autonomous vehicles," says Ross Jatou, Vice President and General Manager, Automotive Solutions Division, Intelligent Sensing Group at ON Semiconductor, "and our sensor technology can enable vehicles to 'see' much more than a human driver can. Working with 3M's advanced materials technology enables our sensors to deliver additional information from enhanced infrastructure to further assist drivers beyond traditional Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and pave the way towards autonomous driving."

Dr. Daniel Chen, Vice President and General Manager, 3M Transportation Safety Division says, "Full autonomy will require integrated systems that allow cars to communicate with each other and the driving ecosystem. Achieving this requires collaboration between the automotive and roadway safety industries. That is why we're excited to collaborate with ON Semiconductor. Together we’ll take the first steps in creating an integrated system that can help make connected and automated vehicles safer and more efficient."

Recently, 3M partnered with the Michigan Department of Transportation to host the nation's first connected work zone. The I-75 Modernization Project transformed three miles of the I-75 corridor to include technologies that allow for testing of vehicle-to-infrastructure communication.

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