Secure crypto-mining smartphone features voice ID

July 22, 2019 //By Rich Pell
Secure crypto-mining smartphone features voice ID
Fintech startup Finnovant (Mountain View, CA) has announced plans to bring a blockchain smartphone to the U.S. market by the holiday shopping season.

Launched via an Indiegogo campaign , the new Phenix X1 blockchain smartphone features crypto-mining, a cold-storage wallet, and is secured by biometrics such as fingerprint and voice verification. The Phenix X1 smartphone prototype featured on the crowdfunding platform is powered by a dedicated, open-source blockchain and secured with Say-Tec biometric identity verification software .

The Phenix X1 smartphone. says the company, is for individuals and businesses venturing into digital currencies, crypto-mining, investing, decentralized applications (D-Apps), smart contracts, and enhanced safe banking and financial money management.

"At Finnovant, we believe everyone should have secure investing and money management capabilities on their mobile device," says Brian Maw, chief executive officer at Finnovant. "Given feedback from the market and the national security debate unfolding regarding crypto currency, we believe our mobile platform helps solve the security and emerging digital currency issues facing our global society now and into the future."

The Phenix X1 is offered as a dual-environment Android OS and OceanEx (OCE) blockchain smartphone that can serve as a primary phone or secondary mobile device. Additional benefits are offered as the following:

  • Thwart Identity Theft and Fraud – Layered security approach including biometrics such as fingerprint and voice identity verification, passcode and phrase requirements that all serve as enhanced barriers to protect private data and information.
  • Secure Mobile Environment for Valuables – Multiple security measures protect the cold storage wallet. The embedded security chip fully protects private keys, a string of alphanumeric digits that serve as personal key for accessing stored digital currencies, ensuring the smartphone, email, and photos are protected. The smartphone's digital wallet can store many digital currencies, such as Numi (to be launched in late 2019), Bitcoin (BTC) and ERC-20 digital standard currencies.
  • Gain Access to the Blockchain Eco-System – Dedicated public and open-source blockchain that enables individuals and businesses to access this immutable and secure environment.

The campaign project to bring the Phenix X1 smartphone prototype to market,

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