Robotics spin-off for autonomous cleaning in public spaces

September 04, 2020 //By Rich Pell
Robotics spin-off for autonomous cleaning in public spaces
Robotics technology firm Carnegie Robotics has announced the launch of a spin-off - - focusing on the commercialization of its Autonomous Mobile Robotics (AMR) technology for the cleaning and disinfection equipment industry.

Thoro, says the company, is the result of extensive development by Carnegie Robotics of state-of-the-art perception and intelligent navigation technology that safely navigates machines around people in public spaces to perform useful work.

"Our mission is to create reliable, cost-effective, industrial-grade robotic solutions that enable the equipment to function as an extension of the cleaning workforce," says John Bares, CEO of Carnegie Robotics. "Thoro technology is about being 'thorough' - using robotics and artificial intelligence to ensure a new standard of clean in public spaces."

Its technology, says the company, has been pioneered within the commercial cleaning industry with industry partner Nilfisk, a supplier of professional cleaning equipment in both industrial, commercial, and consumer markets. The technology is embedded in the Nilfisk Liberty SC50 Autonomous Scrubber, which is available worldwide.

Hans Flemming Jensen, head of corporate affairs, and member of the executive leadership team at Nilfisk says, "Nilfisk has a clearly stated goal to be the leader in intelligent cleaning, and the collaboration with Carnegie Robotics around the launch of Thoro is a natural continuation of our work to achieve that goal. We believe robotic innovation is integral, in fact critical, to driving cleaning excellence. With Thoro and our continued collaboration with leading technology companies, we are benefiting from our commitment to this belief and our investment in this technology."

Both companies say recognize that the autonomous technology in the SC50 is a valuable platform for cleaning and disinfection applications generally. Next steps for Thoro are to explore and develop additional integrated technologies in cleaning and disinfection, such as with UVC, advanced mechanical controls, and user-interface technologies for challenges in healthcare and crowded public spaces – and, over time, to investigate opportunities outside of cleaning.

Carnegie Robotics

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