Robot kitchen assistant startup opens investment to the masses

April 09, 2020 //By Rich Pell
Robot kitchen assistant startup opens investment to the masses
Autonomous robotic kitchen assistant maker Miso Robotics has announced the start of its Series C equity crowdfunding campaign - "democratizing" access to investing in emerging technology.

The company is known for its " Flippy" autonomous kitchen assistant - a burger-flipping robot designed to bring a safer and healthier work environment to food service staff by reducing human to food contact, while at the same time expediting the completion of mundane tasks to meet the demand surges of the new delivery-driven industry. The popularity of Flippy, says the company, caused it to re-think its next funding round raise and decide to "bring intelligent automation to the masses for investment."

With an equity crowdfunding approach, says the company, individual investors can enter the field without access to a large source of capital. The model gives an average person the opportunity to bring transformative technologies to market by investing as little as $1500. In return, they receive ownership of a small piece of the company, which will increase or decrease in value with the company's fortunes.

"It has become clear that the traditional VC fundraising model has limited the investor pool to only heavyweight companies for far too long," says Buck Jordan CEO of Miso Robotics. "There is so much exciting innovation underway in AI and ML that the average person wants the opportunity to invest. The demand is really starting to disrupt the VC landscape with more companies opening themselves up to smaller individual investors – it's been a growing trend, and Miso Robotics is excited to allow more people to shape a healthier and more productive kitchen environment for the future."

The company has already secured over $2.6 million in reservations, following an $80 million pre-money valuation in 2019. The Miso Robotics equity crowdfunding campaign is being executed in collaboration with equity crowdfunding platform SeedInvest and robotics and automation incubator Wavemaker Labs, with the aim of raising up to $30 million in new funding.

While projections of economic downturn amid COVID-19 are causing some industries to slow down, says the company, automation is proving to be

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