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February 25, 2019 //By Rich Pell
RFID tag system helps robots accurately track moving objects
Researchers at MIT (Cambridge, MA) have developed a 3D localization system using radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags that helps robots track moving objects with "unprecedented" speed and accuracy, potentially benefiting robotic manufacturing, collaborative drones, and other applications.
more precise and versatile in, for example, picking up, assembling, and packaging items along an assembly line. Another promising application say the researchers, is using handheld "nanodrones" for search and rescue missions.

Such nanodrones currently use computer vision and methods to stitch together captured images for localization purposes. However, these drones often get confused in chaotic areas, lose each other behind walls, and can't uniquely identify each other, limiting their ability to, for example, spread out over an area and collaborate to search for a missing person.

Using TurboTrack, say the researchers, nanodrones in swarms could better locate each other, for greater control and collaboration.

"You could enable a swarm of nanodrones to form in certain ways, fly into cluttered environments, and even environments hidden from sight, with great precision," says Zhihong Luo, a graduate student in the Signal Kinetics Research Group and first author of a paper on the research.

For more, see " 3D Backscatter Localization for Fine-Grained Robotics ."

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