RFID-based moisture, temp, and location sensing solution

October 24, 2019 //By Julien Happich
RFID technology provider Smartrac Technology Group has partnered with sensor integration company SensThys Inc. to develop an RFID-based moisture, temperature and location sensing solution for facilities management.

The new solution combines SensThys’ full line of RAIN RFID (UHF) readers and algorithms with Smartrac’s custom-built moisture and temperature sensing RAIN RFID inlays and tags, based on its successful Sensor product line of passive products. By detecting moisture and measuring temperatures in a wide variety of building materials, including concrete, gypsum board, insulation and other construction materials, it enables a broad portfolio of innovative applications for facility and construction monitoring and management.

Smartrac’s high-quality, battery-less Sensor inlays are optimized for interaction with readers and software infrastructure provided by SensThys and equipped with Axzon’s Magnus S3 ICs that can accurately detect and measure temperature and moisture levels in the surrounding environment. The sensing inlays are interrogated using SensThys’ solution to monitor and track the physical state of the product at construction sites, distribution yards and manufacturing facilities.

Key applications include tracking infrastructure components such as roofing materials, monitoring changes in products including thermal and moisture cycling, and tracking concrete pre-casts that are either in inventory, in transit, at holding facilities, or physically embedded within their final infrastructure.

SensThys - www.sensthys.com

Smartrac Technology Group - www.smartrac-group.com

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