RF energy harvesting advances at-a-distance wireless charging

June 09, 2021 // By Rich Pell
RF energy harvesting advances at-a-distance wireless charging
Wireless charging technology company Energous and low-power wireless technology company Atmosic Technologies have announced that they have achieved the industry’s first interoperability for radio frequency (RF) energy harvesting technology to enable wireless charging at up to two meters away.

The interoperability combines Energous’ WattUp RF-based wireless charging technology and Atmosic's M3 Series chipset, which uses energy harvesting technology that captures RF power. Together, say the companies, the technologies open up the market for wireless charging of up to two meters away for a diverse array of connected solutions for retail, industrial, and consumer applications.

"Atmosic’s vision of 'forever battery' life aligns with Energous' vision of wireless charging 2.0," says Neeraj Sahejpal, senior vice president of marketing and business development of Energous Corporation, "and we're excited to combine our technologies for interoperability to advance at-a-distance charging up to two meters. Energous’ WattUp transmitter technology is ideally suited for applications in the growing retail, industrial, consumer and IoT sensors markets and allows for more power in a stable, reliable way."

Atmosic’s Lowest Power Radio, On-demand Wake Up, and Controlled Energy Harvesting technologies work to enable the company's Bluetooth 5-based M3 to deliver "forever battery" life and can even enable devices to operate without any batteries in some applications. “Forever battery” life helps to lower maintenance time and the total cost of ownership of connected device deployments, in addition to reducing the number of batteries that go into landfills.

Atmosic’s Controlled Energy Harvesting technology can capture energy from a variety of sources, including ambient photovoltaic (light), radio frequency (RF) and thermal sources, and mechanical (motion) sources.

"Energous has been a leading player on the march towards next-gen wireless charging technologies and shares a similar vision with Atmosic to reduce device dependency on batteries," says Srinivas Pattamatta, VP of marketing & business development of Atmosic Technologies. "We're eager to combine Atmosic's cutting-edge RF energy harvesting SoC and Energous’ WattUp transmitter to open up new possibilities for a wide variety of IoT applications with at-a-distance charging of up to two meters."


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