Renesas expands cross-segment portfolio of 28nm automotive MCUs

November 11, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Renesas expands cross-segment portfolio of 28nm automotive MCUs
New RH850/U2B microcontroller family accelerates ECU integration for zone and domain applications through improved performance, security and specific engine control IP.

To meet the need for higher application integration in the automotive sector, Renesas has developed the RH850/U2B-MCUs chip family of microcontrollers that provide the hardware resources required for this task. The new chips enable the implementation of a unified electronic control unit (ECU) for the increasingly applied innovative E/E architectures. The devices offer a combination of high performance, flexibility, noise immunity and security for cross-domain architectures. They are designed to meet the demanding requirements of hybrid drives and xEV traction inverters, high-end zone control, networked gateways and to control domain applications.

This expands Renesas' cross-segment MCU portfolio of devices, ranging from RH850/U2A MCUs for body and chassis control systems to the new RH850/U2B high-performance MCUs. Customers can also combine these MCUs with the same manufacturer's R-Car S4 system-on-chip devices for automotive central gateway systems to build scalable solutions for E/E architectures.

"The future of automotive system designs lies in centralised, zone-oriented E/E architectures, which increases the need for automotive semiconductors that meet the challenges of these innovative architectures for future generations of vehicles," said Naoki Yoshida, vice president, Automotive Digital Products Marketing Division at Renesas.

The RH850/U2B MCUs expand Renesas' cross-segment MCU family. Customers will gain higher levels of performance, memory integration and hardware-based support for new zone and domain control applications, especially for powertrain and HEV/EV. At the same time, the manufacturer promises, it will meet the stringent cost, safety and security requirements for these vehicle systems.

The chips build on the key features of Renesas' RH850/E2x series for powertrain and RH850/C1M-Ax series for HEV/EV engine control. At the same time, several new enhancements are added, including new accelerator IPs, increased performance and enhanced security. The MCU's hardware-based hypervisor virtualisation support enables multiple software systems with functional security levels up to ISO26262 ASIL D to operate independently and without negative interactions at high performance.

It also reduces virtualisation overhead while maintaining real-time execution.

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