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August 08, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
R&D group to unlock 3D printing potentials for automotive parts 
In the Austrian-German research project SYMPA, a consortium led by coordinated by the Institute of Aircraft Design (IFB) of the University of Stuttgart is developing new materials, printing methodologies and post-processing technologies for durable Stereolithography (SLA) products using Digital Light Processing (DLP) with a focus on automotive applications.

Joanneum Research and INOCON Technologie GmbH are specialists for development and application of plasma technology for coating and activation, i.e. deposition, post-processing and surface modification for better mechanical and environmental resistance, controlled wettability and electric conductivity of polymers. 

cirp GmbH as experienced 3D-printing service provider enables technology demonstrations on real automotive structures and improved design processes of SLA components. 

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