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October 16, 2020 //By Rich Pell
Quantum research to study perfect engines, entanglement as fuel
Researchers at the University of Rochester say they will use superconducting circuits to design experiments that can be carried out within a realistic quantum system that could lead to future engines with perfect energy efficiency.
could be in California. The energy would not be held by either half of the system, yet the two parts could still share energy to fuel both halves proficiently.

"We will show that the engine can, in principle, be perfectly efficient," says Jordan. "That is, there would be an ideal transfer of energy from the measurement apparatus to the quantum system."

The foundation award, say the researchers, reflects the significance of quantum technology as a national and international priority, and the university's key role in the enterprise. The project itself builds on Rochester’s robust history of research in optics and physics and current efforts to better unravel the mysteries of quantum mechanics.

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