Programmable robotics 'for the masses' on Kickstarter

August 16, 2017 //By Rich Pell
Programmable robotics 'for the masses' on Kickstarter
Consumer robotics company Vincross (Beijing, China) has launched a robotics ecosystem, which includes its flagship robot and operating system (OS), specifically designed to provide individuals with accessible tools to learn, create, and develop.

The robot, called HEXA, is a six-legged, all-terrain, highly maneuverable robot, while its underlying OS, called MIND, is claimed to simplify the programming and development of robotics functionality. Aimed at tech enthusiasts, developers, and innovators, the new ecosystem is offered as providing all the tools needed to start creating and learning.

Using the MIND software development kit (SDK), users can create 'Skills' that control HEXA's movements, or use a mouse to build robot functionality with a 3D simulator. A HEXA app provides access to user-created Skills and allows the operator to remotely control the robot.

"We all have this dream of what robots should be, of robots interacting with and helping humans on a daily basis. But the reality is, robots have a long way to go," says Tianqi Sun, Vincross founder and CEO.

"To date, the industry has focused on single-use robots for industrial labs or household cleaning purposes or robots for children. There hasn't been a single robot or platform built for the masses – especially for those developers and innovators eager to create on robots," he says. "Our robotics ecosystem represents a breakthrough, where people can now build, learn and accelerate innovation in the field of robotics, ultimately turning society's vision of robots into reality."

HEXA handles different environments and terrains, and its compact, lightweight body is designed for convenience and easy modification. Its sensors include a camera with night vision capability, two three-axis accelerometers for balance, a built-in distance measuring sensor, and an infrared transmitter.

The proprietary MIND OS is based on Linux and optimized for robots. With MIND, users can integrate voice interaction and third-party device interaction with a mobile phone or IoT home appliances.

The MIND SDK is designed to be simple to use, allowing users to create Skills and movements for HEXA with just a few lines of code. According to the company, with the MIND SDK, there's no need for users to

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