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June 20, 2017 // By Rich Pell
Printed tire sensor measures tread wear in real time
Engineers at Duke University (Durham, NC) have demonstrated an inexpensive printed sensor that can monitor car tire wear in real time, alerting drivers when tire tread depth has grown dangerously thin.

as for use in brake pads or for monitoring tire air pressure. However, they say, the technology could be used in innumerable other IoT applications where the material to be monitored isn't metallic or too thick.

"Right now we're focusing on tires," says Franklin, "But really anything you'd rather not have to cut apart to determine its thickness could be monitored by this technology in real time."

The researchers currently have two patents pending on the technology and are exploring industry collaborations. They hope that the tire wear sensor will be the first of many that could disrupt the $2 billion tire and wheel control sensor market.

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