Power modules help designers to scale EV designs

May 02, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Power modules help designers to scale EV designs
Infineon has added four new drive modules for xEV inverters to its range of HybridPack power modules. The new modules range in power from 100 to 200kW and are intended for use in hybrid and electric vehicle drive trains.

All new HybridPACK Drive power modules have the same footprint as the already introduced and established module (FS820R08A6P2x) of this product family. This allows system developers to scale inverter performance quickly and easily without having to make significant changes to the system design.

In the area of moderate performance, the new HybridPACK Drive Flat (FS660R08A6P2Fx) and Wave (FS770R08A6P2x) modules as part of the product family are cost-optimized solutions for inverters with an output of 100 to 150 kW. Their base plates for the connection to the cooling element of the inverter have different structures with different heat dissipation. In contrast to the established Pin-Fin base plate with the highest cooling capacity, the flat version uses a very flat one without special thermal structures. This leads to a somewhat reduced performance range, but also to lower costs. With a ribbon-bond structure on the base plate, the wave version offers performance between the flat and pin fin versions.

At the top of the portfolio is the HybridPACK Drive Performance (FS950R08A6P2B) module for 200 kW inverters. Like the previous flagship product, it has a pin fin base plate. However, instead of the usual aluminum oxide, a special ceramic material is used here, which improves heat dissipation by more than 20 percent and thus enables higher currents. Like the flat and wave versions, the performance version is also based on the EDT2 (Electric Drive Train) IGBT generation of the originally introduced module, with the correspondingly high electrical functionality of the chipset.

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