Porsche goes to the starting blocks for the electric age

October 17, 2018 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Porsche goes to the starting blocks for the electric age
Three years ago, Porsche showcased the design study of an electric sedan called “Mission E”. Now the company is entering the pre-production phase of this vehicle. The near-series prototypes are rather similar to the Mission E.

The Porsche Taycan, as the new battery electric model has been baptized, has one motor each for the front and rear axle, resulting in a permanent all-wheel drive. The vehicle which some observers already call a “Tesla killer” will be ready to order in about a year, the company says. For the time being, Porsche has begun to manufacture several hundred pre-series versions for testing and engineering purposes.

Combined, the two motors have a performance of at least 440 kilowatts or 600 hp which bring the vehicle to a maximum speed of 250 kmph (some 155 mph). For optimal behavior in curves, the car has demand-controlled torque vectoring on all wheels.

What seems more important (given the range angst of many potential buyers) is the driving range of 500 kilometers or more, based on the battery capacity of 100 kilowatt-hours in the basic version.

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