Pandemic impact shapes IEEE CS 2021 technology predictions

December 17, 2020 // By Rich Pell
Pandemic impact shapes IEEE CS 2021 technology predictions
The IEEE Computer Society (IEEE CS) has unveiled its technology predictions for 2021, which focus on the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on human lives, supply chains, workforces, and the unpredictability of operations and markets.

The organization says its 2021 Technology Predictions Report explores how technology predictions provide important insights that go well beyond hypothetical exercise to yield critical data and planning to help combat the pandemic.

"Out of necessity, in 2020, we have witnessed many accelerated technological advances due to the impact of the pandemic," says Leila De Floriani, IEEE CS president. "With the 2021 Technology Predictions from the Computer Society, we strive to globally facilitate the future progress of research and solutions-based computing technology."

The report includes a deep dive of each prediction with analysis of: specific problems and current demands; the opportunities for the technology; the impact the technology will have on the public, products and services, and related technologies; and the sustainable solutions and business opportunities that it could potentially inhibit and/or enable. The top 12 technology trends predicted to reach adoption in 2021 include:

  1. Remote Workforce Technologies : Tools, policies, and regulations for remote work will evolve rapidly, improving existing remote roles and expanding to use cases that don't currently have ideal solutions, such as education, manufacturing, and healthcare.
  2. Social Distancing Technologies : Many technologies are converging, creating streams of data that will be processed locally and globally, as well as creating a framework of massively distributed intelligence with impact on apps, wearables, and sensors.
  3. Reliability and Safety for Intelligent Autonomous Systems : Fueled by the pandemic, substantial growth in autonomous systems will further improve reliability and safety of those systems.
  4. Synthetic Data for Training Machine Learning (ML) Systems Free of Bias: We will see a substantial increase in the adoption of synthetic data for training ML in the coming year.
  5. Fake News Detection : The critical importance of having accurate information will trigger techniques to determine fake news in politics, business, and social media.
  6. HPC as a Service (HPCaaS) : During 2021, we will see increasing progress towards delivering medium HPC systems as a Service.
  7. Election Security and Disinformation

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