OLED display with USB interface and touch controller

January 10, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
OLED display with USB interface and touch controller
With the EA PLUGL128, display technology company Electronic Assembly presents for the first time a touch-sensitive OLED display that can be addressed directly via USB.

The EA PLUGL128 offers a resolution of 128×64 pixels on a 2.9" screen. Because in OLED technology each pixel is an independent light source, there is no angle-dependent contrast attenuation, as is the case with LCD displays. The contrast of at least 2,000:1 remains constant over the entire viewing angle range of 170°. The display is extremely fast and still reacts smoothly and without delay even at temperatures as low as -40°C. The display is also protected by a robust, touch-sensitive glass pane. A gentle touch is all it takes to trigger actions.

Various graphic functions and character sets (including German umlauts) are already implemented. Thanks to various digital inputs and outputs, the display can take over small control tasks independently. Communication with microcontroller applications can take place via SPI, I2C or RS-232 interfaces. These are bidirectional and designed for 3.3V levels.

In the Z version (EA PLUGL128-6GTCZ), the OLED display also has twelve screw terminals. External sensors or detectors can thus be connected easily and reliably. Two analog inputs enable voltage measurement up to 3.3 V with direct indication on the display. In addition, this variant is equipped with a 26-pin IDC trough connector, which provides additional I/Os and serial interfaces.

Applications can be found in home automation and in the upgrade of applications with text displays, as well as in the control of smaller equipment.

EA PLUGL128 is the first member of the new display family EA PLUGxxx. Soon there will also be displays with 1.6" and 2.2" screen diagonals.

More information: www.lcd-module.de

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