Next-gen Z-Wave platform 'makes smart homes intelligent'

January 08, 2018 // By Rich Pell
Next-gen Z-Wave platform 'makes smart homes intelligent'
Chipmaker Sigma Designs (Milpitas, CA) says its latest smart home IoT intelligent system-on-chip (SoC) platform features performance and technological enhancements that will open opportunities for new classes of sensors that weren't previously possible.

The next-generation Z-Wave 700 series chipset, says the company, is a long-range, low-power and future-proof hardware platform with integrated software tools and building blocks enabling a new generation of Z-Wave sensor devices. Offering enhancements in energy efficiency and RF performance, the chip is targeted at battery-powered devices, enabling AI and machine learning systems to use sensor data and "make smart homes smarter, safer, and more connected."

"Sigma's Z-Wave 700-Series chip will completely reshape the meaning of smart home," says Raoul Wijgergangs, VP of Sigma Designs' Z-Wave Business Unit. "It solves for many of today's technological barriers, while being the most flexible, interoperable platform, bringing smart home functionality to a new level."

"700-Series opens opportunities for new classes of sensors that weren't possible before, while making remarkable improvements to existing device categories," he says. "700-Series is creating a path to full home installations, moving from tens of Z-Wave devices to hundreds of Z-Wave devices per home. Our new platform assures the environment that will take homes from smart to truly intelligent."

Key features of the 700-Series include:

  • Low power: 700-Series is offered as having best-in-class low-power radio performance enabling multiyear battery lifetime and more than 10-year sensor lifetime on a coin-cell.
  • Long range: 700-Series platform enables a range of more than 300 feet, covering multi-stories in a house and the far end of the yard.
  • Low cost and fast time to market: 700-Series is designed to help developers get started fast with low-cost developer kits, tools and ready-made certified reference code ensuring minimum time from prototype to certified product.
  • High performance: 700-Series features an ARM-based platform with large memory on the chip and many peripherals, enabling intelligence at the edge with fast energy efficient computation and secure inclusion in less than one second.
  • Certified interoperable and backwards compatible: 700-Series devices are claimed to have the highest level of security in the smart home with Z-Wave Security 2 (S2) framework and consistent

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