New semi manufacturing solutions target smart mobile, IoT, and more

September 16, 2021 // By Rich Pell
New semi manufacturing solutions target smart mobile, IoT, and more
Semiconductor contract manufacturing and design company GlobalFoundries (GF) has announced a portfolio of new features that extend its solutions roadmap.

Announced at the company's GF Technology Summit 2021, the new solutions are designed to accelerate the next wave of innovation in chip design for smart mobile devices, datacenter, IoT, and automotive.

"This past eighteen months has demonstrated what a semiconductor is and that they are vital to everything we do," says Juan Cordovez, senior vice president of sales at GF. "This awareness and demand have catalyzed innovation in areas such as automotive and IoT, and this requires a new way of thinking. At GF, we are shattering the old paradigm of what innovation in semiconductor manufacturing means by delivering differentiated solutions that are more intelligent and intuitive, more connected and secure, more powerful and energy efficient to meet not only the demands of today but also for the future."

Highlights of the new solutions, features, and platforms for the fast-growing end markets and applications include:

  • Smart, mobile devices: GF announced advanced feature sets for the newest generation of 5G and Wi-Fi 6/6e mobile phones and smart devices.

    • GF RF-SOI sub 6GHz Solutions include new features so chip designers can provide a stronger 5G connection today with fewer dead zones for more talking, playing, and streaming, and more time on a single charge.
    • GF FDX-RF Solutions include new features to enable the 5G mmWave generation of devices for more robust connections and more connected experiences.
    • GF Wi-Fi Solutions now include new features for enhanced RF and Power Amplifier functionality so Wi-Fi 6 and 6e chip designers can provide a higher performing, stronger Wi-Fi connection for the newest generation of Wi-Fi-enabled products for more coverage and more connections.
    • GF Display Solutions includes new features that allow display driver IC designers to enable variable refresh on OLED displays to deliver blazing fast refresh rates for more immersive gaming and moderated refresh rates for battery savings while browsing.
    • GF Audio Solutions include new features, as well as a non-volatile memory option, that allow audio

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