New digital twin software to be showcased on smart district project

July 10, 2020 //By Rich Pell
New digital twin software to be showcased on smart district project
Cityzenith, which provides data visualization platform software and applications for IoT and smart cities, has unveiled its new digital twin technology.

The Beta release of SmartWorldPro2 is the company's follow-up to its flagship digital twin software platform SmartWorldPro planning, building, and operational management tool that offers 3D virtual replicas of physical buildings and infrastructure connected to the data in and around them.

"SmartWorldPro2 is a giant leap forward for our technology platform since we launched SmartWorldPro in 2016," says Jansen. "It has been supercharged to meet evolving customer needs from the multiple major digital twin projects we have delivered worldwide. The world is now going to see just how far ahead we have advanced."

SmartWorldPro2, says Jansen, will be a gamechanger in the global digital twin market - a market that is expected to grow by 45.4% annually to $35 billion by 2025.

"We have revolutionized the user experience," says Jansen, "adding a multitude of new user-friendly digital twin-specific features and functions; dramatically expanded and upgraded our data import and integration capabilities; and extended the backend to include both SaaS and on-premise implementation options. This means we can now adapt our digital twin technology to accommodate any and all unique client site circumstances, anywhere."

SmartWorldPro2 introduces a new presentation feature, TwinUp, as well as Mapalyze, the company's new library of analytics and plug-ins. Mapalyze, says the company, provides a rich library of analytics tools that help it turn customer's data into actionable information, identifying and correlating efficiencies within their data to help predict and ensure better outcomes. The software is also the first version available for both desktop and tablet.

Key key highlights of SmartWorldPro2 include the following:

  • BIM Import (Revit, Rhino, Bentley, SketchUp)
  • Smart Layers
  • Annotations
  • Links
  • Basic 3D Modeling
  • Custom Visualization
  • 3D Slides
  • Measurement
  • Hotspots
  • Point-of-View Analysis
  • 3rd party software API integration

The company says that it will soon deploy its new technology on a $500 million landmark development, Orlando Sports + Entertainment District (Orlando S+ED). The first project to be fully delivered on SmartWorldPro2, the new complex is

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