NAND flash memory on 1xnm process technology

October 15, 2021 // By Rich Pell
NAND flash memory family on 1xnm process technology
Embedded flash memory manufacturer SkyHigh Memory has introduced 3.0V 1Gb-4Gb densities 4KB page and 2KB page ML-3 products to its family of NAND Flash memories.

The new 1Gb-4Gb ML-3 SLC NAND Flash product family devices are designed on 1xnm, the industry's most advanced technology node for SLC NAND products. Available with different interfaces, the first-generation Serial (SPI) SLC NAND and third-generation Parallel SLC NAND complete the company's third-generation ML-3 4Gb-16Gb parallel SLC NAND product family already in production.

The new 1Gb-4Gb devices will be offered to support high-reliability systems that store critical data and operate at extended temperatures, up to +105°C. With its internal ECC engine, the ML-3 product family can support chipsets with as low as a 1-bit ECC engine to accommodate legacy chipsets and modern chipsets with higher ECC engines.

The ML-3 product family also offers various security features to protect sensitive boot code, system firmware, and application integrity from malicious software. The ML-3 product family devices are offered as ideal for high-reliable and/or secure applications, such as, industrial control, networking equipment, IoT applications, and set-top boxes.

"Our comprehensive ML-3 NAND Flash family offers high reliability and enhanced security, with both Serial and Parallel interface that high-performance applications require," says GH Bae, CEO SkyHigh Memory. "Introducing this family fits in with our strategy to offer high-reliability and secure memories solutions for our fast-growing target markets, which are industrial, Networking and IoT."

The ML-3 SLC NAND Flash devices provide two protection mechanisms traditionally not found in competitive SLC NAND products: a volatile and permanent block protection method. With the volatile block protection, the entire memory content can be protected. In this method, the protection parameter settings are volatile and therefore must be loaded to the device on power-up.

With the permanent block protection, protection parameter settings are permanent and programmed only once during the life cycle of the product. Up to 64Mb can be protected permanently. In addition, the ML-3 SLC NAND product family devices contain an OTP of 1Mb, the largest OTP of any SLC NAND in the market, says the company.


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