MEMS sensor combo enables precise navigation

June 09, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Combined MEMS sensor enable precise navigation
With the SMI230, Bosch introduces a MEMS sensor optimized for use in vehicle navigation systems. The product combines one sensor each for directional and speed changes in a single package.

In tunnels, canyons, or in the urban canyons of cities, it is not uncommon for the radio signal from navigation satellites to become unavailable. Especially when precise, lane-accurate guidance is particularly important, the navigation system gropes in the dark. Bosch has developed the SMI230 for such scenarios: This sensor registers changes in direction and speed and thus supplies the necessary signals with which the navigation computer can calculate the vehicle's position according to the "dead reckoning" principle, even if the satellite signal is not available.

The SMI230 is produced in Bosch's own semiconductor fab, which specializes in MEMS technology. Series production has already started.

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